Saturday, August 22, 2015

Where the heck is Part 2!!! and other woes.

Ahhhh....yes. Where, indeed? The bad news is that it took far longer to finish Part 2 of Transgression than we anticipated for a variety of reasons and we've had to completely re-do our publishing schedule based on reality, not wishful thinking.

The good news is that Part 2 will be out in October! The initial edit is complete. We now have the read-through and the final edit yet to do. The read-through usually takes a couple of days, and the final edit wherein the whole is viewed with a jaundiced eye can take a few days. I take on the role of "evil editor" for that one. Whole scenes have been known to get cut in that process, but it should result in a better book. Unfortunately, the first part was not subjected to as rigorous a final edit as it should have (not that I was easy on us) as we were under a self-imposed (and unrealistic) deadline tyranny.

We are now looking at getting two books out per year and as some of the future volumes are already written and need only some minor tweaking to bring them into sync with the Last Giant books (two books in three volumes), we should not have any trouble in making that happen.

The third book in the series, Prince of the Teluri, is complete but for some tweaking, so will not hold up the schedule at all. That is scheduled for Fall of 2016 and it follows the second book of The Last Giant (Retribution) which is now scheduled for Spring of 2016. 

Following Prince will be High King of the Teluri, in Spring 2017. The two Teluri books have a common title of The Gift of the High One.

The next mini-series within The LindendagaTM will the 4 book series, The Harper of Rhindol Vale. The first book (The Key of Tanguroth)  is complete and needs the afore-mentioned tweaking to be ready to publish in October 2017. It is a big book, running to over 600 pages, but it's a kicker!

So, to recap:

Books in the Lindensaga:
      The Last Giant  - centers on the Giant, Menannon who is a recurring character in all subsequent books, but in a supporting role.
            1.  Transgression
                    Part 1  - Pub Dec 2014 
                    Paft 2  -  October 2015
            2. Retribution   -  April/May 2016
       The Gift of the High One  - centers on a new character, Lindrahier, a Teluri
            3. Prince of the Teluri  - October 2016
            4.  High King of the Teluri  - April/May 2017
       The Harper of Rhindol Vale  - centers on Siglin Lightbringer, a Teluri of unusual gifts
            5.  The Key of Tanguroth  -  October 2017
            6.  The Orb of Making
            7.   The White Tower
            8.  The Frostrill Stair

If it is at all possible, we will publish a book earlier than stated, but the above is the official publication schedule as of today and should be considered as close to final as is possible.

Best wishes to all!

-- Richard
   22 August 2015