Saturday, June 6, 2015

Update: Where's Part 2 of "The Last Giant: Transgression"? (Lindensaga v. 1)

It's coming, we promise! In fact, a preview (the first 3 chapters) is now available on the publisher's website or right here. It's a PDF file and contains a bonus: a pencil drawing of Princess Nirna by Jan!  

This drawing has never before been published and in fact, only one other person has seen it. That person won one of the 5 copies of Part 1 we gave away on Goodreads a while back. Each copy had a different printed drawing by Jan tipped in and I have no idea who got what, but they each have very unique copies.

We don't know when or if we'll ever again reproduce that portrait, so now's your chance to see it. Just get your FREE PDF of the first three chapters of Part 2 NOW!

The balance of Part 2 is 98% written and needs to be edited & formatted. We've been held up by a number of things that have taken up time we normally would have been devoting to writing. When you are a writer, life has a way of blocking you at times, but it's been rather more than our fair share, it seems. Consequently, despite our assurance that it would be out in May, latest, it looks that we will have it out by the end of this month, God willing and the creek don't rise!

That's it for now. I have to get back to editing.......

-- Richard,
    for J. R. Hardesty